About Prompts

Use a Prompt to provide information, such as:

  • Name of an Incident owner.
  • Start date and end date to search for Change Requests within a certain date range.
  • Comments on a Knowledge Article.

Prompts can be used in:

  • Query Comparison Clauses to prompt Users to select a value to search.
  • One-Step™ Actions to prompt Users for more information before proceeding with the One-Step Action.
  • Expressions to prompt Users to specify a value as part of an Expression.

There are two types of Prompts:

  • Stored Prompts can be used multiple times.
  • Custom Prompts, also known as inline Prompts, are only used where they are created and are not stored in the Prompts Manager.

There are two ways to obtain Prompt values to be used with REST API:

  • The Prompt ID button on the bottom of the Define Prompt dialog box, as seen in the previous image. The Prompt ID button provides only the Prompt ID.
  • The Prompt Info button on the bottom of the first node of the One-Step Editor. The Prompt Info button provides the necessary Prompt Values for all Prompts in the One-Step Action properly formatted in JSON.

CSM also provides several OOTB Prompts. Use these Prompts as-is or create new Prompts.