Prompts Good to Know

Use these tips for helpful information on Prompts.

  • You can determine how Prompts are displayed to users. For example, you can:
    • Have the Prompt display a list of values from a Business Object and field. When the Prompt appears, users select a value from the list.
    • Display the Prompt in a variety of ways, such as with a simple text box or in a separate grid.
    • Have the Prompt read a XML or JSON collection and display the values in a web service lookup table grid from an entire row or from selected fields in the collection. For more information, see Web Service Lookup Example.
  • In the CSM Desktop Client, Prompts that use a text box contain a spell check. Any misspelled words in the Prompt's text box will be underlined in red. Users can right-click on an underlined word to see spelling suggestions or add the word to the dictionary. Spell checking in Prompts works for any language for which a dictionary is installed.
    • In the CSM Browser Client, spell check is handled by your browser. In most browsers, it can be turned on or off in the browser settings or preferences.