About Queues

Use Queues to inform Users, Teams, or the entire organization about what to complete by placing all their assigned records in a defined location. Queues are especially beneficial for large organizations (75 to 100 Users) because they efficiently organize multiple records.

CSM allows you to create and define the following types of Queues:

  • User Queues: Queues for specific people (example: Tom is an expert on printers, so all printer Incidents are assigned to his Queue).
  • Team Queues: Queues for teams, so that the first available Team member is assigned the next record in the Queue.
  • Global Queues: Queues that are available to all Users in your CSM system.

Access common Queue functionality from the:

  1. CSM Desktop Client Queue pane.
  2. CSM Desktop Client menu bar.

    Queue Overview

CSM provides several OOTB Queues. Use these Queues as-is, edit them, or create your own using the Queue Manager.