Define General Properties for a Queue

Use the General page in the Queue properties window (accessed from within the Queue Manager) to define general properties for Queues.

When you define general properties, you define:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Queued Object
  • Priority field
  • Queue checkout order

To define general properties for a Queue:

  1. Open the Queue Manager.
  2. Select Create New.
  3. Select the General page.
  4. Define general properties:
    1. Name:

      Provide a display name to use within CSM (search this property in CSM Item Managers).

    2. Description:

      Provide a description to use within CSM (search this property in CSM Item Managers).

    3. Queued Object:

      Select the type of record that can be placed in the Queue from the drop-down list.

    4. Queue Items are Prioritized:

      Select this check box to specify the default order in which the items should be removed from the Queue. Then, select the Field and whether to retrieve records in ascending or descending order based on the prioritization (example: Select Incident Priority so that Priority 1 Incidents are retrieved before Priority 2).

      If prioritization is not specified, then records are retrieved based on order of creation.

    5. Queue Checkout Order:

      Select the order of items checked out from a Queue:

      • Oldest First: Check out the oldest records in the list first.
      • Newest First: Check out the newest records in the list first.
      • Manual: Check out a record based on user selection (user can check out any record in the Queue).

        This selection removes the option to retrieve the next record from the Queue. If Queue items are prioritized, the records are retrieved based on the defined priority. If records have the same priority, the Oldest/Newest value is applied.

  5. Select Save.