Adding Relationships to Reports Using Detail Report Bands

A Detail Report band is used within a Report to show data for related Business Objects. For example, if you are creating a Report of recent Incidents, you can add a Detail Report band to show information on the Task associated with the Incidents in the Report.

To add a Detail Report band to a Report:

  1. In the Report Manager, right-click a Report, and then select Design Report.
  2. Right-click in any white space in the Report.
  3. Hover the cursor over Insert Detail Report.
  4. Select the Relationship to include as a Detail Report.
  5. From the Field List, expand the Relationship you used for the Detail Report.
  6. Drag Fields relevant to the Relationship to your Detail Report band, and then format the Fields. For more information, see Formatting a Field.
  7. Select View>Preview and review your changes. This example shows a Task owned by the Incident.