Adding Fields to a Report

A Field in a Report is a data item obtained from the Business Object selected when the Report is created. Fields can come from the original Business Object, a related Business Object, or be calculated from Business Object data.

You can add Fields to all Report bands and are represented by the Field icon () in the upper right corner.

If you add a Field to the Report Header, it will show the value of that field for the first record found in the data set.

To add Fields to a band in the Report Designer:

  1. In the Report Manager, right-click a Report, and then select Design Report.
  2. Locate the band for which you would like to add a Field.
  3. Resize or drag the existing Fields to create space for the new Field.
  4. From the Field List, locate the Business Object related to the Report, then expand the list of Fields.
  5. Drag a Field from the Field List to the band. You can select Fields from the primary Business Object and from its defined Relationships.

    If you select a Field unrelated to the Business Object, the data results will be empty.

    Alternatively, you can drag a new Field on top of an existing Field; this will replace the Field's contents while retaining the formatting of the original Field.

  6. Click the smart tag Expand Menu Button to view and edit the Field's properties. Properties include:
    Property Description

    Holds label display text for Fields not bound to Data Fields. For example, the Report Wizard creates labels for the Column band. Use the Text box to modify these labels.

    When used in a Header or Footer band, enter the text label you want to appear in the Report Output. For Fields in Detail bands, leave this Field blank to populate it with Report data.

    Data Binding Associates a CSM data Field to the label.
    Format String Click the ellipsis to access the Format String Editor. From here, you can select a uniform format for all data in the Field to be displayed. Choose Date/Time, Number, Percent, Currency, Special, or General.
    Summary Running Click the ellipsis to access the Summary Editor and add calculations, such as counts, to your Report. For more information, refer to Adding a count to a Report Group.
    Angle Specifies an angle to rotate text to; this allows labels to be displayed diagonally, which occupies less horizontal space bu more vertical space.
    Formatting Rules

    Select this option to open the Formatting Rules Editor. From here, you can change the appearance of result rows based on their contents. For example, formatting rules can be used to hide the band under certain conditions.

    Auto Width Enables automatic resizing of the Field depending on the contents of the Report Details.
    Can Grow Allows the Field to take up more space when output is generated, if necessary due to data length.
    Can Shrink Allows the Field to take up less space when output is generated, if possible due to data length.
    Multiline Allows Field to use more than one line.
    Word Wrap Allows Field to continue to a new line without manually inserting a line break.

For more information, refer to Formatting a Field.