Creating Expressions in the Report Designer

To create expressions for Calculated Fields in the Report Designer:

  1. Right-click on the Field List, and then select Add Calculated Field.
  2. Select the Calculated Field from the Properties Grid.
  3. Click the Ellipses in the Expression box to open the Expression Editor.
  4. Use the left column to select a category of available inputs and operations, shown below.
    Category Contains
    FunctionsA list of functions that can be applied to the expression. Select a type (All, Aggregate, Date-Time, Logical, Math, or String) from the drop down to limit the functions listed. When using a function, you must supply the Fields, Parameters, or Constants it requires (example follows).
    OperatorsA list of simple mathematical operands that can be used to manipulate and compare values.
    FieldsThe Fields (variables) available in the Report, acquired from the Report Business Object.
    ConstantsTrue, False, and null values that can be manually added to the expression that will always stay the same.
    Parameters Variables that represent the values entered by the User when Report is run. Not present in Reports that do not require Parameters each time they are run.
  5. Select a category, and then select an input from the middle column. A description of the input or operation appears in the right column. When a function is selected, the values it requires and a description of what will be returned is displayed.
  6. Double-click an input to add it to the expression.
  7. Basic operations can also be selected from the bar below the main text box.