Define Chart Options for Report Styles

Use the Charts page to define the following properties of charts used within the Report:

  • Font: Font type, size, and style.
  • Colors: Text color, background color, and color palette.
  • Chart has Border: Border color and width.
  • Chart Legend: Font type, size, style, alignment, and text color.

To define the chart properties for Report Styles:

  1. Open the Report Style Window to edit a Report Style or create a New Report Style.
  2. Click Charts in the Report Styles window.

    Report Style Window Charts

  3. Define the Font settings:
    • Font type (example: Microsoft Sans Serif)
    • Font size (example: 22)
    • Font style (bold, bold italic, italic, regular)
  4. Define the Color settings:
    • Text color
    • Background color for the chart
    • Palette: There are many color palette choices in the Palette drop-down menu. When you select a specific palette, the colors are shown to the right of the drop-down menu.
  5. Select the Chart has borders check box to add a border to the chart, then:
    • Define the Border color.
    • Define the Border width by specifying a number or clicking the incremental arrows 01_Increment_Arrows to change the border width value.
  6. Define the Chart Legend settings:
    • Font type (example: Microsoft Sans Serif)
    • Font size (example: 10)
    • Font style (bold, bold italic, italic, regular)
    • Legend's vertical and horizontal alignment (middle, bottom, and top right, left, and centered)
    • Text color
  7. Click View Style with chart to preview an example Report containing a chart at any time.
  8. Click OK to save and close the Report Style.