Link an External Report to CSM Using the Report Wizard

You can use the Report Wizard to link a Report created using an external tool, such as SQL Reporting Services or Crystal Reports, to CSM. This enables the Report to be run from a Dashboard/Widget, a One-Step, or the Reports Manager. Reports created using external tools must be edited with those tools; however, as long as they remain in the same location, they do not require further maintenance in CSM.

Important: You must have SQL-level permissions to connection to the Crystal/SQL Database before you can link to an external Report in CSM. CSM creates a shell with Fields and saves the file so that it can be accessed through Crystal Reports/SQL Reporting Services, where the report service pulls the data in and can be designed from Crystal/SQL designer.

To link to an external Report:

  1. Open the Report Wizard.
  2. Click Next.
  3. Complete the following Report Wizard steps:
    1. Select a Reporting tool: Select among Crystal Reports, SQL Reports, or Other to link to an external Report.
    2. Specify a Report Location: Select the location of the external Report and define a name and description to use in Cherwell.
    3. Click Finish to run the Report.