Report Designer

The Report Designer allows you to configure the appearance, layout, and format of Reports after you use the Cherwell Report Wizard.

In the Report Designer, bands organize groups of data Controls. Each Control represents an area of the Report that will be populated with data when the Report is run. From here, you can modify many details of the control, from font attributes, to colors, to data limitations.

When the Report Designer is open, you cannot work in the CSM Desktop Client unless a second instance of CSM is open. To open a new CSM Desktop Client instance, on the main menu, select File>New Window. This will allow you to look at Cherwell data while you are designing your Report.

Report Designer Main Window

  1. Menu bar
  2. Action toolbar
  3. Format toolbar
  4. Layout toolbar
  5. Zoom toolbar
  6. Control toolbar
  7. View toolbar
  8. Main pane
  9. Explorer pane and Field List panes
  10. Property Grid
  11. Group and Sort pane