Working with Bands in Reports

You can add and remove items in the bands to modify the content of a Report.

A selected band is highlighted in blue; unselected bands are gray in the Report Designer.

Report Designer Selected Band Example

When a band is selected, you can:

  • Reorder bands

    Right-click a band and select Move Up or Move Down from the context menu.

  • Resize a band

    Hold your mouse cursor at the edge of the band until the sizing handles (vertical arrow) appear. Click and drag the band to resize it.

  • Modify the band appearance, behavior, data, design, and layout properties

    Use the Properties Grid in the right pane. If this pane has been closed, right-click the band and select Properties to reopen it.

  • Perform tasks for a band

    A smart tag Expand Menu Button appears on the top border. Click the arrow to open a menu of tasks available for the band.