Define a Comparison Clause

A Comparison Clause is a Query Clause that finds all records containing a field with a particular value.

Use the Query Builder window to create a Comparison Clause.

When you define this type of clause, you define:

  • Field: Field for which you want to find a value.
  • Operator: Word or phrase (equals, greater than, contains) that provides the necessary information for two values to produce an output.
  • Value: Value for which the clause searches.

Good to know:

  • Expressions, Stored Values and system functions appear as folders after the Fields if they are available.
  • Some operators are only shown for particular data types (example: "Like" is only available for text Fields).
  • If the Field is validated, the Legal Values Button Legal Values Button displays on the right of the drop-down list. It allows you to select from a list of appropriate values.
  • If Globalization is enabled for your system, you may be able to choose Lookup Object values from different cultures.

To create a Comparison Clause:

  1. Open a Query Builder.
  2. Select New, and then select Comparison Clause.

    The Comparison Clause section opens.

  3. Select the Field for which you want to find a value (example: Call Source):
    1. Select the Down arrow Arrow Down Black Sort next to the left-most drop-down list to reveal the list of applicable Fields.
    2. Select a Field from the list.

      The value drop-down list (far right drop-down list) automatically populates.

      For a join table, select the join table from the drop-down list.

      To see the join table option in the drop-down list, you must first define link options to use a join table under Relationship Properties.

  4. Select the Operator drop-down list to reveal applicable operators, and then select an operator.
  5. Provide a value or select the Down arrow next to the far right drop-down list to reveal applicable options and Tokens, including:
    • Fields
    • System Functions
    • Prompts
    • Expressions
    • Stored Values
    • Metric Values
  6. Select a Value from the list (this is the value the search will look for).

    The Comparison Clause displays in the Query.

  7. Add additional clauses to refine your search (optional).

    If you are using the Stored Query Builder, use the Options button to define additional options, including availability and icon image.

  8. Select Save.