Define a Group Clause

A Group Clause is a Query Clause that groups together several Clauses. When you group Clauses you must decide if all Clauses must be true (AND logic), or if only one Clause must be true (OR logic), in order to retrieve the record.

Use the Query Builder window to create a Group Clause. When you define this type of clause, you define a conditional phrase. All of the conditions or at least one of the conditions in the clause must be true of all returned records

To create a Group Clause:

  1. Open a Query Builder.
  2. Select New on the Query Builder toolbar, and then select Group Clause.

    The Group Clause area displays.

  3. Select one of the following phrases to add to the Query:
    • All of the items in the group must be true.
    • At least one of the items in the group must be true.

    The phrase displays in the Query.

  4. Add additional clauses to refine your search (optional).

    If you are using the Stored Query Builder, there is an Options button that allows you to define additional options, including availability and icon image.

  5. Select Save.