Define a Queue Group

Use the Queue Clause section of a Query Builder to define a Queue Group. A Queue Clause containing a Queue Group finds records on a set of Queues that are grouped together. When you define a Queue Group, you define:

  • Where the record is located (example: On a Queue in the group).
  • Queue Group where the record is returned from.

Good to know:

  • Since Users can manually assign items to Queues, it is helpful to ensure that the same issue cannot be assigned to more than one Queue. For example, you might assign an Incident to go to a Hardware Queue as well as a Survey Queue, so you can track the Customer service experience. In this instance, you can create a Queue Group containing Hardware and Survey. If an Incident is on the Hardware Queue and then assigned to the Printer Queue, it is automatically removed from the Hardware Queue. This system prevents two different people from working on the same issue. A Queue Group makes sure that an item can only be assigned to one of the Queues in the group. The Queue Group section provides you with multiple ways to narrow your Query.

To define a Queue Group:

  1. Open a Query Builder.
  2. Select New on the Query Builder toolbar, and then select Queue Clause.
  3. In the Where drop-down list, select a condition:
    • Record is on a Queue in a group
    • Record is not on a Queue in a group
  4. Select the ellipses button to open the Queue Group Manager, and then select an existing Queue Group.
  5. Select Save.