Define a Related Clause

A Related Clause is a Query Clause that finds Business Objects whose related Business Object satisfy some of the criteria.

Use the Query Builder window to create a Related Clause. When you define this type of clause, you define:

  • Relationship: Existing CSM Relationship between two Business Objects (example: Incident links Service).
  • Value: Number of Business Object records in the relationship (There are exactly 3 Services).

Good to know:

  • For each item with "n", a Record number menu appears that allows the number to be selected.

To create a Related Clause:

  1. Open a Query Builder.
  2. Select New on the Query Builder toolbar, and then select Related Clause.
  3. Select a related Business Object from the Relationship drop-down list.

    For a join table, select the join table from the drop-down list.

    To see the join table option in the drop-down list, you must first define link options to use a join table under Relationship Properties. See Define Link Properties for a Relationship.

  4. Select a value in the Contains drop-down list:
    • All <related business object>
    • There is at least one <related business object>
    • There are no <related business object>
    • There is exactly 1 <related business object>
    • There is not exactly 1 n <related business object>
    • There is more than 1 n <related business object>
    • There is at least 1 n <related business object>
    • There are less than 1 n <related business object>
    • There are 0 or 1 n <related business object>

    The clause you created displays in the Query.

  5. Add additional clauses to refine your search (optional).

    If you are using the Stored Query Builder, there is an Options button that allows you to define additional options, including availability and icon image.

  6. Select Save.