Configuring Stored Values

Complete the following procedures to configure Stored Values. Security rights are configured in CSM Administrator. Values for the default Stored Values are configured in either CSM Administrator or in the CSM Desktop Client.

If you are working with multiple cultures using the Globalization feature, be aware that changing the value in one culture will not automatically change it in all cultures.

To configure Stored Values:

  1. Configure Stored Value security rights: Configure who can access Stored Value functionality.
  2. Configure values for the default Stored Values (in the Stored Value Manager): CSM ships with several default Stored Values, including many to help you implement CSM. Use these as-is, edit them, or create new ones.
    • Organization Name and Organization Image Stored Values so that Users can personalize CSM.
    • Current System Stored Values that allows Users to configure test and production e-mail accounts and migrate the system from testing to production.
    • SLA Model Stored Values that define how an SLA is calculated.
    • Current System Twitter Integration Stored Value that activates (or disables) Twitter buttons on a Business Object form (ex: Problem).