About the CurrentCulture System Function

The CurrentCulture System Function contains a User's culture and can be used in Expressions, One-Step Actions, etc. to handle different languages and to return a string representation of the culture for the current thread.

The CurrentCulture System Function can be used with or without globalization features.

Current Culture System Function

For example, CurrentCulture can be used to create e-mail templates in different languages. If CurrentCulture is set to de-DE, then clicking a button or running a One-Step will initiate the German e-mail template. If CurrentCulture is set to pt-BR, then clicking the same button or running the same One-Step will initiate the Portuguese e-mail template.

Each Business Object contains a Created Culture Field. When a new instance of a Business Object is created, the Field is auto-populated using the CurrentCulture System Function.

Created Culture Field