Search for a Value in a Lookup Object

Use the Search/filter feature in the Table Management interface to:

  • Search for a specific value in a Lookup Object. Blank finds all values. Search any field (Grid column), if more than one exists.
  • Limit the search to values changed during a specific timeframe (example: Anytime (all), Today, Within Last 1 Week).

To search for a value in a Lookup Object:

  1. Open the Table Management Interface.
  2. In the Type drop-down, select a Lookup Object (example: Mobile Carrier).
  3. Click the Show Search button.

    The Search and Changed options open.

  4. In the Search box, provide the value to search for (example: Lost My Call Inc). If more than one column exists, Search any column in the Grid.
  5. In the Changed drop-down, select a timeframe to limit the search (example: Anytime (all), Today, or Within Last 1 Week).
  6. Click the Go button to initiate the search.

    Filtered results are listed in the search results Grid.