Table Management Interface

The Table Management interface displays Lookup Table values in a Grid. Use the CSM Grid capabilities (example: Print, export, run an Action, sort, filter, group, size, move/reorder, and add/remove columns) to display only the data you want and in a way that is meaningful to you. Click a record to view it in detail.

Use the Table Management interface to:

  • View Lookup values: View a Grid list of values or a specific value in detail.
  • Find a specific Lookup value using filtering and searching options.
  • Add, edit, or delete a Lookup Object value.

The Table Management interface can be opened in the CSM Desktop Client or Browser Client.

Table Management Interface

  1. Type: Displays a list of available Lookup Objects. Not all Lookup Objects are or should be available in Table Management.
  2. Show/Hide Search: Shows/hides search and filtering options:
    • Search: Displays the Lookup Object fields that can be searched using keywords.
    • Changed: Displays a timeframe filter to refine your search (example: Anytime, Today, Previous Month, etc.).
  3. Record View: Displays a Grid list of existing values in the selected Lookup Object, or a specific Customer Record.