Bulk Apply Classic Theme

Use the Bulk Apply Classic Theme option in the Theme Manager to bulk apply a global classic theme for selected items (dashboards and/or forms) in a selected view.

Bulk Apply Classic Theme is only available for classic themes. You cannot bulk apply a universal theme.

To bulk apply a classic theme:

  1. In the CSM AdministratorMenu bar, select Managers > Themes.
  2. In the Theme ManagerMenu bar, select Themes > Bulk Apply Classic Theme .
    The Bulk Apply Theme dialog opens.
  3. Define the following:
    • View: Select the view for which to reset the global theme (example: Default or Portal).
    • Theme to Use: Select the theme to apply to all selected items (dashboards and/or forms).
    • Change Theme On: Select this check box to apply the theme to the selected item (dashboard and/or form) in that view. For example, you may want to reset all dashboards to a new theme but keep using the existing theme for forms.
  4. Select OK.