Link Chains

Link chains are chains of Relationships that tie together objects. For example, suppose you want to see all of the Knowledge Articles that might relate to a particular Change Request. You might have a chain that looks like this:

  • Change Request
  • Problems (via Change Request links Problems)
  • Incidents (via Problems link Incidents)
  • Knowledge Articles (via Incidents use Knowledge Articles)

The item in parentheses is the Relationship. The first item in the chain is always the main object for the Visualization. After that, you can choose any objects that relate to Change Requests. Once the Problem object has been chosen, you can then choose objects related to Problems, etc.

When you add the various items in the chain, you can decide whether or not the intermediate objects should be displayed. For example, the Visualization could show all of the Problems and Incidents, or could just show all of the Knowledge Articles linked directly to the Change. For more information, see Defining a Visualization Link Chain.