Define a Calculate Column for a Matrix Widget

Use the Columns page (in the Matrix Widget Properties window) to define how a calculated column looks and behaves on a Matrix Widget.

A calculated column displays a calculated value that is determined by executing a calculation against other columns in the Matrix (example: Add up open and closed Incidents for a grand total).

The following figure shows an example of how a Matrix Widget uses a calculated column on a Dashboard.

Matrix Widget Calculated Column Example

Good to know:

  • Calculated columns are calculated after all numeric columns have been retrieved.
  • Calculated columns cannot query themselves.

To define a calculated column for a Matrix Widget:

  1. Create a Widget.
  2. In the Type drop-down, select Matrix.
  3. Click the Columns page.
  4. Click Add>Calculated column.
  5. Define how the value in the column will be calculated:
    1. Click the Calculated Value page.
    2. Click the Selector button Selector button, and then select the Tokens (System Functions, Expressions, Stored Values, Metrics, and/or Counters) and math operators to build the calculation.
  6. Define the format for the column:
    1. Click the Format page.
    2. Define formatting options:
      1. Format: Select a format for the number (example: Number, Percent, Currency/locale symbol).
      2. Decimal places: Specify the number of decimal places to show for each value.
      3. Text Position: Select how to align the value in the column (example: Centered, left-justified, or right-justified).
      4. Color Text: Select this check box to define an Expression that controls the color of the text (example: If the value is negative, show it as red. You cannot use stored Expressions here because regular stored Expressions do not have access to column values).
  7. Select OK.