Define Number Properties for a Gauge Widget

Text and Numeric gauges display the Number Properties page. Linear, Speedometer, and Thermometer gauges display the Thresholds page.

Use the Number Properties page (accessed within the Gauge Widget Properties window) to define how to format text and numbers in a Gauge Widget. Formatting options vary by category (Number, Currency, Percentage, or Custom):

  • Number: Define decimal places and enable 1000 separator, negative sign, and leading zeros.
  • Currency: Define decimal places and symbol.
  • Percentage: Define decimal places.
  • Custom: Define a custom format string.

    The Gauge Widget Properties window is accessed from within the Widget Manager when you create or edit a Gauge Widget.

To define number properties for a Gauge Widget:

  1. Create a Widget
  2. In the Type drop-down, select Gauge.
  3. Click the Number Properties page.
  4. Select a category (select one).
  5. Define the following number properties (properties vary by category):
    • Decimal Places: Specify the number of decimal places to display to the right of a decimal point (example: 5.0 has one decimal place, 5.00 has two decimal places). Zero (0) indicates a whole number (no decimal place).
    • Use 1000 Separator: Select this check box to add a separator (example: Comma) when a number value reaches 1000. Separators vary depending on locale (example: USA, Europe, etc.).
    • Show Leading Zeroes: Select this check box to display zeroes (if any) before a decimal place (example: 0.7 has a leading zero).
    • Show Negative Sign: Select this check box to display a negative sign (when applicable) before a number string (example: -5.0).
    • Currency Symbol: By locale (example: English, United States).
    • Custom: Define a custom format or use an existing one (example: 0,0.00,#.##0,0%,0.00%,0.00E+00, ##0.0E+0).
  6. Select OK.