Other Command-Line Options

You can launch CSM from a command line to automatically execute instructions. For example, a third-party tool might launch the CSM application to take a user to a specific Incident record. An administrator can automatically execute a system backup. CSM supports a number of command-line options for making these tasks possible.

A command also allows a hyperlink to be created in an email that, when clicked, launches the CSM application and executes an instruction. For this to work, CSM must be installed on the machine.

In both cases (command-line or hyperlink) if CSM is already running, the command is still executed, without relaunching the application or requiring the user to log in again. CSM executes the command in a separate console window and will not interfere with any CSM windows/applications running.

Good to Know:

  • Arguments can either be prefixed with a forward slash or with a dash, so /? and -? are equivalent.
  • In the provided examples, square brackets (example: [Common]) denote placeholder variables for customer data. Replace these variables, including the brackets, with your own values.