Finding Internal Record IDs

Each CSM object has an internal ID, also referred to as a RecID. Typically, you do not need to know the internal ID, but this information is helpful for certain features. For example, internal IDs are useful for constructing URLs so users can link directly to CSM objects.

Use these tips for finding Internal IDs for CSM objects:

  • Export an object, such as a saved search or dashboard. You can then open the .ced file in a text editor to retrieve internal IDs for elements such as scope and scope owner. See Import/Export a CSM Item.
  • Find the Internal IDs for Business Objects, fields, and relationships in CSM Administrator.
  • Use an appropriate Cherwell REST API operation to find the RecID for an object. For example, usegetbusinessobjectsummaries to find RecIDs for Business Objects and fields. For more information, refer to About the Cherwell┬« REST API.

Finding Record IDs for Field Values

To simplify the process of finding record IDs for field values, add the RecID field to the grid for the Business Object that contains the foreign key field. Users can then see the record ID in Table Management.

You may first need to change presentation properties for the RecID field to allow it to be added to grids. See Define Advanced Properties for a Field.