Automation Process Visual Workflow Process Designer

A Visual Workflow Process defines a sequence of time-based and Event-based steps that manage a Business Object as it passes through various stages. The Visual Workflow Process Designer is a tool that allows you to easily create simple or complex automation processes to help manage workflows in CSM.

Visual Workflow Automation Process

  1. Toolbar: Commonly used Visual Workflow Process Designer tasks.

  2. Aerial View: View the entire process as you zoom in and out. Also allows you to move the section of the current process on the Designer Board.

  3. Designer Board: A visual representation of the process.

  4. Events Pane: Time and event options that trigger an Action to occur.

  5. Actions Pane: Actions that take place as a result of a time or event trigger.

  6. Step Details: Details of the currently selected step in the process.

A new Automation Process Visual Workflow Process Designer Board includes the following elements:

Visual Workflow - Designer Board

  1. Start Graphic: Event or starting point that initiates the process.

    Select the Start Graphic on the Designer Board to define general properties for the process.

  2. Placeholder Graphic: Holds the steps (Events and/or Actions) that constitute the process.
  3. End Graphic: Indicates the end of the process.