Consolidate Blueprints

To simplify the process of applying multiple Blueprints to a system, CSM allows users to combine a series of Blueprints into a single consolidated Blueprint.

You must publish a Blueprint and save it to the database before it appears in the Blueprint Consolidation list. Blueprints are saved to the database by default when they are published.

If you choose not to save the Blueprint to the database, the Blueprint is not available for consolidation in the Blueprint Consolidation list.

When you select a series of Blueprints to consolidate, your selection must include all contiguous Blueprints in the order they were created. You can't leave out any Blueprints in a series, because the changes in the excluded Blueprints might affect subsequent Blueprints. When you select the start and end of the range of Blueprints for consolidation, CSM selects all Blueprints in between.

While most Blueprints can be consolidated, Blueprints that include a Language Pack created from the Globalization section cannot be consolidated. These Blueprints do not have a check box to select in the Blueprint Consolidation list. The simplest approach for consolidation is to apply the Language Pack as one of the last Blueprints. If you need to add a Language Pack in the middle of a series of Blueprints, separately consolidate the range of Blueprints before the Language Pack and the range of Blueprints after the Language Pack. Once the Blueprints are consolidated, you can apply them in order.