Consolidating Blueprints

Create a single Blueprint from a series of Blueprints to simplify the application and save time.

If you edit Blueprint values multiple times, the consolidated Blueprints will not work correctly (example: a Blueprint is created and published to update a stored value. The same Blueprint is re-opened to update the same value and published again. If you consolidate those two Blueprints, it will cause "No net changes" errors in the output logs).

To create a Blueprint:

  1. Open CSM Administrator.
  2. Select Blueprints from the Categories list.
    The Blueprints page opens in the main pane.
  3. Select Consolidate Blueprints.
    The Blueprint Consolidation dialog box opens.
  4. Select the check box for the Blueprint at the start of the range of Blueprints that will be combined.
  5. Shift+Click or Ctrl+Click to select the check box for the Blueprint at the end of the range.
    This will select all check boxes in the range, because only a contiguous set of Blueprints can be consolidated.
  6. Select Save.
    The Save Consolidated Blueprint window opens.
  7. Provide a file name for the consolidated Blueprint.
    Use a naming convention that makes sense to your organization. For example, consider adding a date, time, system name, etc. to the file name to distinguish it.
    A message will indicate that the consolidation was successful.