Data Editor Main Pane

Use the Data Editor Main pane to view and select records (rows) in a Lookup table and see how the edits you make will affect each record in your system's Lookup table when the Blueprint is published or a mApp Solution is applied.

When you first access the Data Editor, the Main pane displays a Grid showing a Blueprint/mApp Solution Action column, followed by the lookup table's default Grid.

To view the details of a specific record, click the Show Current Record button on the Toolbar.

The Blueprint/mApp Solution Action column shows what will be done to each record in the table when the Blueprint is published (or the mApp Solution is applied):

  • No Change: Record will remain unchanged. When you first access the Data Editor, all records are marked as No Change until you edit them.
  • Add: A new record was created and will be added to the lookup table.
  • Delete: Record will be deleted.
  • Update: Existing record will be modified with the values contained in the Blueprint/mApp Solution.

Localization and Lookup Tables

If Localization is enabled for a Lookup Object, the Data Editor includes a column for each culture enabled for your system.