Data Editor Toolbar

Use the Data Editor toolbar to edit Business Object data.

The Data Editor toolbar is dynamic so available options vary depending on which view you are in (example: When you are viewing a specific record, the cut, copy, and paste options are available) and which tasks you have already performed (example: The option to revert a record to its original values is only available if you have made changes to the record).

Many toolbar items are also available from the Data Editor menu bar.

Button Action Description
Create New Button Create New Creates a new record in the table.
Save Button Save Saves changes to the active Blueprint/mApp Solution.
Abandon Button Abandon Abandons changes to the current item.
Delete Button Delete Deletes the current selection.
Include Button Include Includes the selected record in the Blueprint/mApp Solution (changes Action column to Update).
Revert to Original Restore Reverts an existing record back to its original values (changes Action column back to No Change).
Cut Button Cut Moves the selected item to the clipboard, so you can then paste the item into a new location.
Copy Button Copy Creates a new item whose properties are the same as the copied item. The new item can then be named and customized.
Paste Button Paste Inserts an item from the clipboard to a new location.
Show Results Button Show results Displays a set of records meeting a specific criteria.
Show Current Record Button Show current record Displays the currently selected record.
Go To First Record Button Go to first record Jumps to the first record in set.
Go To Previous Record Button Green Go to previous record Jumps to the previous record in set.
Go To Next Record Button Green Go to next record Jumps to the next record in set.
Go To Last Record Button Green Go to last record Jumps to the last record in the set.