Define Global Database Transaction Log Settings

Use the Database Transaction Log page in the CSM Administrator Blueprint Options window (accessed from within the Blueprint Editor) to define global Database Transaction Log settings.

Settings include:

  • Database Recovery Model: How much data is logged (Simple, Full, or Bulk-logged) in the event that you need to restore your CSM database.
  • Autogrowth: Whether or not to enable autogrowth (process for expanding the size of the CSM database when it runs out of space), and then the autogrowth file size increments/thresholds.

Good to know:

  • These are all common database tasks, so please consult your database administrator.
  • If you are a SaaS User with a 2-tier connection, you must have security rights to access this page and define settings. This page is not available to SaaS Users with 3-tier connections. See Database Options Security Rights.

To define global database settings:

  1. Open the Blueprint Editor.
  2. From the Blueprint Editor menu bar, click Tools > Options.
  3. Click the Database Transaction Log page.
  4. Select a Database Recovery Model from the following options:
    • Simple (recommended): Simple backup (minimal logs); can restore full or differential backups only (no point in time).
    • Full: Complete backup (full logs); can restore database to a specific point in time.
    • Bulk-logged: Full backup except that bulk operations are not fully logged.
  5. Enable and define autogrowth settings:
    1. Enable Autogrowth for Transaction Log: Select this check box to enable autogrowth, allowing the database to expand if it runs out of space. Then, define how the database size will increment, either:
      • In Percent: Select this radio button to allow the database to grow by a percentage of the current size. Then, define the percentage.
      • In Megabytes: Select this radio button to allow the database to grow by a specific size, in megabytes (MB). Then, specify the size.
    2. Specify a Maximum File Size for the transaction log, either:
      • Restricted File Growth: Select this radio button to restrict the transaction log to a maximum size (in MB). Then, specify the maximum size.
      • Unrestricted File Growth (recommended): Select this radio button to allow the transaction log to grow until it runs out of space.

    This is not stating that the transaction log is a database, but instead that for any given database, you can specify the associated maximum file size for the transaction log.

  6. Select OK.