Clear CSM Records

Clear test records from your system so they do not interfere with your metrics during production. For example, you can clear Demo content from a database.

Complete the following procedure for any Business Object.

To clear Business Object records:

  1. Open the CSM Desktop Client.
  2. Run a Quick Search for the Business Object:
    1. In the CSM Desktop Client Task Pane, select the down arrow on the Search button.
    2. Select a Business Object to search (example: Incident).

      Make sure that you are not limiting the search by either the date or open records only.

    3. Select the Go button to run the search.

      The test record(s) display in the Main Pane.

  3. Select File and select Delete All.

    A window opens verifying that you want to delete all of the records from the group.

  4. Select Yes.

    The records are cleared from the system.