Import Utility

Use the Import Utility option in CSM Administrator to import .csv files into the CSM Database.

To use the Import Utility:

  1. Go to Start > All programs > Cherwell Service Management > Tools > Import Utility.
  2. Select the connection to import the data to.

    The Import Utility login window opens.

  3. Provide the User ID and Password for the Import Utility.

    The Cherwell Import Utility window opens.

  4. Select OK.

    The Cherwell Import Utility window opens.

  5. Import from:
    1. Select the Ellipses.
    2. Select the file, and then select Open.
  6. Import to:
    1. From the drop-down list, select the Business Object.

      To delete the existing data, select the Delete existing data from Business Object before import check box.

  7. Advanced:
    1. In the Unique fields, provide column names that make up the unique database key.

      Select the check box to Try to save object even if one or more fields cannot be set.

  8. Select Import.

    If there are unequal fields, a warning window opens. Select Yes.