Batch Updating Customer Credentials for a Directory Service

After using the Import Wizard, use the Contact Manager in the CSM Desktop Client to view, edit, and manually batch update Customer credentials.

The Contact Manager feature takes all imported Customers and assigns them Portal IDs. CSM allows a Customer to log in using assigned Cherwell credentials or using Windows/LDAP credentials.

Ensure that Windows or LDAP Login is allowed in CSM. To do this, open CSM Administrator, and select Security > Edit security settings, and select either Windows or LDAP as a supported login mode.

To batch Customer credentials for a Directory Service:

  1. Open the Contact Manager.
  2. In the Customer type to show drop-down list, select the Business Object that is mapped and has the imported data.
  3. Select Go to allow all Users that are imported from the directory service.
  4. On the menu bar, select Customers > Select Portal Settings > Batch Portal Credentials.

    This menu option only appears when the search returns Users.

  5. Define the login credentials for the Customers:
    1. Field with Login ID: Select User ID Field. This is usually SAMAccountName (depending on the directory service).
    2. Customer Group: Select the security group to assign Users that are included in the batch.
  6. Define the Password options:
    1. Select the Set Login ID Field as Windows/LDAP login radio button.
    2. Select the Use this domain check box and provide the domain.
    3. Leave all other options cleared.
  7. Define Account details options:
    1. Account locked: Select to lock the Customer's account (preventing her from logging in to the Portal).

      A Customer can be automatically locked out of the system because of too many failed login attempts (depending on system settings).

    2. Password never expires: Select to forgo password expiration. This overrides any system setting to reset the password.

      If selected, the User must reset password at next login and Password reset date settings are hidden.

    3. User cannot change password: Select to restrict a Customer from changing the password. If a password reset is required by the system, the system administrator must reset the password.
    4. User must reset password at next login attempt: Select force users to reset their passwords at their next login attempt.
    5. Password reset date: Select to prompt a Customer to change the password on a specific date. Select the Date Selector button Date Picker Button to select a reset date.
  8. Select E-mail options:
    1. Select E-mail customer new credential information so that Customers receive an email with their User ID/password for credentials.
    2. Select Skip customers with no e-mail addresses. This option is used when using Cherwell Internal Authentication, LDAP, Windows Authentication, and domain credentials that do not require an email address.
  9. Select Skip the customers who already have login IDs assigned to assign credentials only to new Customers (that is, skip assigning credentials to Customers who already have them).
  10. Select OK to generate the IDs.

    Batch Portal Credentials window