Using the Test LDAP Tool

When working with the LDAP testing tool, Users can test LDAP and directory service browsing for connectivity, search streams, servers, and authentication in some instances.

The tabs allow Users to search or browse for containers and objects.


To use the Test LDAP tool:

  1. Go to Start > All Programs > [variable here] Service Management > Tools > Test LDAP.

    The Connect to Cherwell Service Management window opens.

  2. Select a connection and select OK to open the Test LDAP login window.
  3. Provide the user ID and password.
  4. Select OK to open the Test LDAP window.
  5. Troubleshoot LDAP Authentication:
    • Windows ID: Searches LDAP for the account in field and auto-populates with the account of the person logged in to the workstation.
    • Test: Takes the account and verifies in the LDAP service if account exists. If no account exists, an error window opens.
  6. Test LDAP Searching:
    • LDAP Service: Select the directory service loaded in CSM.
    • Search start: Shows the location of where the LDAP search begins.
    • Search filter: Shows the filter syntax to narrow search results. This field is required to run the search.
    • Active Directory Filters: Contains predefined filters.
    • Add Filter: Adds the Active Directory filter to the Search Filter path.
    • NOT, AND, OR: Inserts operators into the Search Filter field.
  7. Select either:
    • Browse: Runs a directory service browser and shows the different containers in a tree. Select a container to view the objects in the container.

      Verify that the account you are using has the required permissions for the Browse function to work.

      Test LDAP Window: Browse tab

    • Search: Runs a search against the value provided in the Search filter. The results show in the Search section.

      Test LDAP Window: Search tab