Configure Email Credentials for Google

Use the information in your G Suite account to complete the fields in this form.

Prior to setting up Google Authentication in CSM, you must have the following set up in G Suite:

  • A project on the Google Cloud platform.
  • Access to the Gmail API enabled.
  • A service account that will authenticate CSM with G Suite.
  • Domain-wide delegation enabled in G Suite. To do this, add the client ID of the service account, then grant access to supported Google APIs. For more information, see Control G Suite API access with domain-wide delegation.

    We suggest adding a single scope ( that grants all rights to the email account.

  • Either the Google secret JSON file or the certificate .p12 file.

To set up credentials for Google Authentication:

  1. Enter the Service Account E-mail.
  2. You can use a Private Key or Certificate. Your G Suite account may have both set up, but you only need one for CSM.
    • Use Private Key: Enter the Google Secret in the Private Key field. When copying the Secret from the JSON file you downloaded from G Suite, you don't have to edit out the line break characters. CSM will remove them for you.
    • Use Certificate: Import the Certificate's .p12 file.
  3. Select Test to ensure sending and receiving emails using the credentials works correctly. If either part of the test failed, you will see an error message to help you diagnose the problem.
    You can find more information on generic errors in the log files (see the Application Server log for 3-tier connections and the CSM Client log for 2-tier connections).
  4. (Optional): You can edit the default values for URL and Scope, but we strongly recommend leaving the default values in place.