Configure Email Credentials for Office 365 Accounts

Use the information in your Azure account to complete the fields in this form.

Before you set up Office 365 credentials in CSM, you must have a registered App in Azure. For information on creating and registering Apps, see and

The App must have full access to Exchange Web Services (EWS). In the App, select API Permissions > Add a Permission and select Exchange. Select APIs my organization uses. In the search prompt, enter Office. When Office 365 Exchange Online appears, select it. Select App Permissions, then select full_access_as_app. In the Configured Permissions section, select the Grant admin consent for <your server> button.

To set up credentials in CSM for Office 365:

  1. Enter the Client ID and Tenant ID.
  2. You can use a Secret or Certificate. Your Azure account may have both set up, but you only need one for CSM.
    • Use Secret: enter the Secret.
    • Use Certificate: import the Certificate's .pfx file.
  3. Select Test to ensure sending and receiving emails using the credentials works correctly. If either part of the test failed, you will see an error message to help you diagnose the problem. You can find more information on generic errors in the log files (see the Application Server log for 3-tier connections and the CSM Client log for 2-tier connections).
  4. You can edit the default values for URL, Scope, and Country, but we strongly recommend leaving the default values in place.