Change the Installed Culture

When CSM is upgraded from a version earlier than CSM 9.2.0, you are prompted to select a primary culture, which is also referred to as the installed culture. You can change the installed culture in CSM Administrator, but you should understand the impact of doing so first.

Good to Know

  • This feature is intended for customers who upgraded CSM from a version earlier than 9.2.0 who may have chosen the incorrect installed culture during the upgrade process. You should not need to change your installed culture if you initially installed CSM 9.3.0 or later.
  • Be sure to back up your database before changing the installed culture. Publishing a Blueprint that changes the installed culture of your system is irreversible. Restoring a database backup is the only recovery method.
  • The installed culture does not impact formatting of your system; it only determines the basis of your installation.
  • If you want to hide or disable cultures from your system, the recommended methods are:

Changing the Installed Culture

To change the installed culture:

  1. Back up your CSM database.
  2. In the main window, select the Globalization category, and then select Globalization Settings.
  3. On the General page, select Change.
  4. On the Change Installed Culture dialog, select the installed culture you want to change your system to.
  5. Select these options:
    Option Description
    Overwrite existing [new installed culture] values with values from [old installed culture]

    Select this check box to overwrite the target installed culture with strings from the original installed culture. You should only perform this action if you want to permanently replace strings in the selected installed culture with those in the current installed culture.

    Only content strings are impacted by this action; platform strings not changed.

    Purge [old installed culture] completely from the system

    Select this option to permanently delete content strings for the original installed culture from your system.

    Culture-specific fields are also removed from localized Business Objects, Forms, and Grids, causing data to be deleted.

    I have read the following statement... You are required to acknowledge that you understand the implications of changing the installed culture.
  6. Click OK.

A Blueprint with the replaced installed culture and overwritten values is created. This process may take several minutes.

Applying the Installed Culture Changes

Cherwell highly recommends publishing the Blueprint in a test environment before publishing it to a production environment.

You can save or publish the Blueprint created when you change the installed culture. It may take several minutes to publish the Blueprint.

After the Blueprint is published, all CSM clients should be restarted.