Configure Machine Translators

You can use machine translators to more quickly add translations to strings in a Language Pack. You can then use the Language Pack Editor to review and modify strings.

Google Translate can be used to power translations in CSM. For more information, refer to

You must create your own Google Cloud Translator account and add your API key to enable machine translations for CSM.

To configure a machine translator:

  1. In the main window, select the Globalization category, and then select Globalization Settings.
  2. Select the Translators page.
  3. Select Google, and then click Configure.
  4. Apply the following settings to the Google Translation dialog.
    Setting Description
    Enable Google Translator Select this check box to enable the Google Cloud Translator for your system.
    Application Name Provide the Application Name you used when set up your Google Cloud Translator account.
    Google Key Add the API key for your instance of Google Cloud Translator.
    Error Tolerance Level Select an error tolerance level to use for machine translations. The tolerance level determines the number of attempts made to translate strings when errors occur. Errors can occur because of complex strings or rules in your machine translation API. A lower tolerance level increases the number of translation attempts and the amount of time needed to translate strings. In most cases, a higher tolerance level produces acceptable results; however, machine translations should always be reviewed in the Language Pack Editor.
    Verify Click this button to verify your settings. If you receive an error, verify that you specified the correct application name and Google key.
  5. Click OK.