Configure a Translation One-Step Action

Verify that your translation Web Service is set up in the Web Services Manager and that you have an API key for the service.

  1. Open the One-Step Manager, and verify that the association is set to the Business Object to be configured for translation. For example, select Association>Incident.
  2. Click Create New.
  3. Add a Call a Web Service Action to the Designer Board.
  4. With the Call a Web Service Action selected, in the General properties, click the ellipses button next to Service.
    The Web Services Manager opens. Select your translation Web Service and then click OK.
  5. Check the box next to Store result as: Call a web service result.
    This stores the translated text as a variable.
  6. In the Method properties, set the parameter values.
    For example, if using the Google Translate API, set the following parameters:
    Parameter Value
    q (Endpoint Parameter) The Field that contains the text to be translated, such as Incident.Description
    target (Endpoint Parameter) The target language for the translation, such as en for English
    key (Endpoint Parameter) The API key
  7. Add an Update Business Object Action to the Designer Board.
  8. In the General properties, check the box to save Business Object after action.
    The Business Object Record will be saved each time the One-Step Action is run.
  9. In the Fields properties, select the Field that contains the translated text and choose Template from the available options. Right-click in the white space and select Variables>Call a web service result. For example, expand Incident and set the Translated Description Field.

    The Field is now set to the variable that contains the translated text.
  10. Optional: Right-clickcall a Web Service result and select Modifiers to modify the value of the variable. For example, if using the Google Translate API, the JSON response includes other information in addition to the translated text. Modify the value so that only the translated text is displayed in the Field.

  11. Optional: Define an automatic action so that the translation One-Step Action is executed automatically when the Business Object is saved. See Define Automatic Actions for a Business Object