Translating Plain Text Associated with Tokens

Use the Language Pack Editor to translate or move plain text in strings that contain Tokens.

Tokens are dynamic values that are handled by the system, so the Tokens themselves do not need to be translated. Text associated with a Token can be translated and its location in the string can be changed, however.

You can translate text before or after the Token, but not in both locations. When text is added before and after a token, the translation is not applied.

To translate text associated with Tokens in a Language Pack:

  1. Opening the Language Pack Editor.
  2. From the toolbar, select the Filter icon, and then click Show only items containing Token Expressions.
  3. Double-click a row in the Editor.
    Tokens are shown as disabled text in the Source Value box. Translatable text is showed as editable text.

    Translating Expressions Source Value

  4. Click Copy Source to Target, and then translate the editable portion of the string.

    Translating Expressions Target Value

  5. Click Copy Source to Target, and then click the Expand icon ().
  6. Translate and move plain text in the string as needed, and then click OK.
  7. Click Update.