Removing Translation Restrictions from Definitions

You can remove translation restrictions from definitions that have restrictions defined, but you must select a culture whose value can be copied to all cultures. The invariant value typically comes from the culture that was selected when the restriction was placed on the definition. (See Restricting Translations for Definitions.)

To remove translation restrictions from a definition:

  1. In CSM Administrator, create a Blueprint or mApp Solution.
  2. Select an Item from the Managers menu. For example, select Managers > Stored Values.
  3. Select a definition that has a Localization stamp in the upper right corner. This indicates that translations are restricted for the definition.
    Localization Stamp
  4. You can then:
    • Right-click and select Localization > Allow item to be localized.
    • Select the Localization icon on the toolbar, and then select All item to be localized.

    The Select the Invariant Culture dialog opens, with all applicable cultures listed.
  5. Select the culture from which to apply an invariant value. This copies the invariant value from the selected culture to all cultures.
  6. Click OK.

You can now apply Language Packs to translate the definition values.