Go to the Cherwell Marketplace (formerly the mApp Exchange)

Go to the Cherwell Marketplace to view and download mApp® Solutions created by others or submit mApp Solutions that you created.

In December 2019, the mApp Exchange moved to a new platform and is now called the Cherwell Marketplace. Use the Go to mApp Marketplace task or open https://www.cherwell.com/marketplace/ to access the Cherwell Marketplace.

Users must have a Cherwell SSO account to download mApp Solutions or submit their own mApp Solutions on the Cherwell Marketplace. Go to How to Sign Up for a Cherwell SSO Account for more information.

To go to the Cherwell Marketplace:

  1. Select the mApps category in the CSM Administrator main window.
  2. Select the Go to the mApp Marketplace task.
  3. Sign in to the Marketplace to submit or download mApp Solutions.

Go to How to Add or Edit a mApp in Marketplace for information on how to submit a mApp Solution to the Cherwell Marketplace.