Rebase mApp Solution Definitions

Use the Rebase mApp Solution Definitions operation to reload mApp Solution definitions from your underlying CSM system.

This allows you to update definitions in a mApp Solution with the latest versions from your system while maintaining the defined merge actions (overwrite, do not overwrite, merge, etc.) for those definitions.

For example, if you create a mApp Solution that includes an Incident Business Object, and then the Business Object is updated in the underlying system (example: Fields are added/deleted), you can update the Business Object definitions in the mApp Solution to reflect those changes.

mApp Solution definitions can be rebased in several ways:

  • All definitions in a mApp Solution
    From the mApp Editor menu bar, click File>Rebase all mApp definitions.
  • Business Object and associated definitions
    In the Object Manager in the mApp Editor, click a Business Object from the Object tree, and then click the Rebase mApp Version of Bus Ob, etc. task in the Structure area.

    The Rebase mApp Solution Version of Bus Ob, etc. option is only available if the selected Business Object is included in the mApp Solution.

    The Rebase Business Object window opens. By default, all definitions included in the mApp Solution that are associated with the Business Object are selected. Clear the definitions that you do not want to rebase.

    Click the Uncheck All button Uncheck All Button to clear all definitions in the window. Click the Select All button Multiple Selection Question Button to select all definitions.

    Rebase Business Object

  • A specific CSM Item definition
    In a CSM Item Manager (example: One-Step Action Manager) in the mApp Editor, right-click an item (example: One-Step Action) that is included in the mApp Solution, and then select Rebase in mApp from system.