Protected mApp™ Solutions

Use a Protected mApp Solution to prevent content from being edited or deleted after a Protected mApp Solution is applied.

If a Protected mApp Solution is applied to CSM:

  • The list of installed mApp Solutions shows which mApp Solutions are upgradable.
  • A shield icon () is shown alongside protected content items. The shield icon may be displayed in Blueprints, Business Object Editors, Item Managers, Relationship Grids, Form Editors, the Form Arrangement Editor or the Grid Editor.
  • Save is disabled on any Item Manager that has a shield icon () alongside it. You can still make changes to the items in a Manager with a shield icon but you must select Save As to create a copy of the contents of the Manager.
  • A message is shown, for example, in a Blueprint:
    A blueprint showing business object with shield icons on upgadable fields and a message saying Protected Business Object! Changes are restricted.

You can also create your own Protected mApp Solutions that can be distributed just like non-upgradable mApp Solutions.

When applying a Protected mApp Solution to your CSM system, the merge actions available to you depend on which items were chosen for protection when the mApp Solution was created. For example, if the mApp Solution was marked as protected when it was created, then the existing fields, relationships etc. can only be merged in the target system instead of being overwritten.