Canonical REST API Mapping Wizard

Prepare your system for third-party integrations with a custom Business Object by mapping a canonical Business Object schema to your custom Business Object schema using the Canonical REST API Mapping Wizard. You can then use the Canonical REST API to programmatically access CSM functions for your custom Business Object.

You can also use the Mapping Wizard to overwrite existing mappings at any time. If you use the Auto Mapping feature, the Wizard attempts to overwrite all existing mappings for that canonical definition.

To ensure standardization, canonical definitions are supplied and managed by Cherwell.

To use the Canonical Mapping Wizard:

  1. In CSM Administrator, navigate to Tools > Canonical Mapping Wizard
    The Map Canonical Object Wizard opens.
  2. Select Next, and then select an imported definition from the Canonical Definition list.
  3. From the Business Object list, select the Business Object you want to map to.
  4. Use one of these options to create the mappings:
    1. Auto Map: Select this button for the system to attempt to map Canonical fields to Business Object fields based on the field name. The field names are case-sensitive and must exactly match for the auto mapping to work.
      If the Wizard does not find an exact field name match, the drop-down menu for that field will show that it is not mapped. You need to manually select a field.
    2. Manually Map: Choose a mapping for each field from the drop-down menu.

    You must map each field in the canonical definition.

  5. On the Summary page, select the Return extended errors check box to return detailed information in HTTP requests that use the canonical definition.
  6. Select Finish to create a Blueprint for the mapping.
  7. Repeat these steps for each canonical definition you want to map.
  8. Once you have mapped the fields for each canonical definition, publish the Blueprint, then run a Health Check for canonical compliance to ensure your mapping was successful.