Add Operations for Named Objects

Add the PublishToApi attribute to a Business Object so that its REST API operations become available in Named Object Operations.

  1. Open CSM Administrator, and create a new Blueprint.
  2. Select a Business Object from the Object Manager.
  3. Click Edit Business Object under Business Object tasks.
    The Edit Business Object page appears.
  4. Click the Bus Ob Properties button.
    The Business Object Properties dialog opens.
  5. Click Advanced and expand General Attributes.
  6. In the Attribute column, type PublishToApi. Leave the corresponding Value field empty.
  7. Click OK and save the Blueprint.
  8. Repeat steps 2 through 7 for additional Business Objects, if necessary.
  9. Publish the Blueprint.
    REST API operations for the selected Business Objects are available in the Named Object Operations section of Swagger.