Cherwell REST API Performance

Examples of poor performance might be API calls, such as the first call made to CSM, taking longer than expected to complete. This can occur if an application pool times out while simultaneously an API operation is trying to execute. This scenario causes the pool to restart, which can cause a delay.

You can resolve this issue by completing the following steps. If these steps do not resolve the issue, you can alternatively create scheduled items that execute every 20-30 minutes to execute an API call. You could call the ServiceInfo operation, for example.

To ensure optimal Cherwell REST API performance:

  1. On the server where the Cherwell REST API is installed, open the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager (under Administrative Tools).
  2. Expand the branch for the relevant server and select Application Pools.

    The Application Pools CherwellAPI page is displayed.

  3. Right-click and select Advanced Settings.

    The Advanced Settings window is displayed.

  4. Replace the default Idle Time-out (minutes) setting. We recommend 100.

    If more time is required to complete a large operation, enter the required amount of time in minutes.

    The default Microsoft setting is 20 minutes.

  5. Set Start Mode to AlwaysRunning.
  6. Set the Regular Time Interval (minutes) to 0.
  7. Select OK.

    The Advanced Settings window closes, and you are returned to the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager showing the Application Pools page.

  8. To implement the changes, right-click CherwellAPI and select Recycle.
  9. Setting an automatic recycle schedule is important because running it indefinitely causes the pool to consume more resources than necessary. Accordingly, to set up when the automatic recycle will occur, right-click CherwellAPI and select Recycling.

    The Edit Application Pool Recycling Settings window is displayed.

  10. Select only the Specific time(s) check box (clear all other check boxes), and then enter a specific time. We recommend 2:00 AM. Another example is 11:00 PM.
  11. Select Next > Finish.