Obtaining API Client IDs

Client IDs are created in CSM Administrator.

You can create separate client IDs to control access for specific users and specific integration tools.

  1. In CSM Administrator, select Security.
  2. Select Edit REST API client settings.
  3. Select the plus (+) icon.
  4. Provide these settings to generate a client ID:
    Setting Description
    Name Provide a name for the client ID.
    Culture Select a language-specific culture.
    Description Provide a description for the client ID.
    Token lifespan Set the amount of time the access token will be active.
    Refresh Token lifespan Set the amount of time the refresh token will be active.
    API access is enabled When selected, the client ID is enabled. When cleared, the client ID is disabled. Clear the check box to disable the client ID without deleting it.
    Allow anonymous access Select to make the REST API available to anonymous users.
  5. Select Save.
    The client ID is autogenerated for you and appears in the Client Key field. It is a 36 character string of randomly generated letters and numbers.
  6. Copy the client ID and provide it to REST API users.