About the Scheduler

Schedule items to run on a recurring basis (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) or one-time only.

The Scheduler operates within the timeframe of defined Business Hours and runs in coordination with the Scheduling Service, which is installed with the CSM Server Installer as a microservice of the Cherwell Service Host.

Access the following actions from the Scheduler:

  • Backup Database: Exports a selected CSM database to a compressed Cherwell Archive Repository (.czar) file.
  • Database Maintenance: Performs selected database maintenance operations (example: Rebuilding the full-text catalog, rebuilding indexes, and shrinking SQL logs on a scheduled basis).
  • Import External Data: Imports data from external databases (example: Active Directory) into CSM.
  • Import from File: Imports data from comma-separated value (.csv) files into CSM.
  • Import from LDAP: Imports LDAP records (example: Customer lists) into CSM.
  • One-Step Action: Runs a selected One-Step™ Action.
  • Portal Credentials: Creates CSM Portal login credentials for customers.
  • Publish Blueprint: Publishes Blueprints to your CSM system.
  • Report: Runs a selected report.
  • Train machine learning: Runs a configured query to pull data used to train a Machine Learning model.

Good to Know

  • Use the Scheduler window in CSM Administrator (Scheduling > Edit Schedule) to use and manage Scheduled Items.
  • Use the Server Manager to disable the Scheduling microservice.
  • When you view the details of a scheduled item, its properties are read-only.
  • To view all scheduled items for a particular day, use the calendar of Scheduled Items.

Backup Database Action:

  • We recommend a nightly database backup for your CSM database.
  • Schedule database backups for after business hours because backups can take significant time and system resources.
  • If a directory does not exist, one will be created on the server where CSM Administrator runs.